Lurking Shadows Among the Ruins: Felicia's Living Forest

Venture into the Forest of Felicia, a vital part of the GÅRDBÛK SHRINE collection, where nature's beauty conceals dangers as lethal as the Sharian Viper. This lush terrain, requiring care akin to watering delicate flora, is a labyrinth where every plant thirsts for a drop of your essence. Southwards, amidst the ruins, a more ominous silence prevails—no life dares to linger, and souls are whispered away, only to return for the full moon's feast. The tradition of sacrifice runs deep in these woods, growing eerily more elaborate with each cycle. The Forest of Felicia collection, designed for 28-32mm scale wargaming, is not merely a backdrop but a character in its own right. Engage in the most 'interesting' of battles on terrains that will not only challenge your strategic prowess but also your courage. Studiolevel brings the forest's whispering menace to your tabletop, offering an immersive experience where only the bravest generals can navigate the deadly beauty and become legends.

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