We are seasoned terrain craftsmen, meticulously attending to every detail and aspect of our partnership.

  • Every product offered by the StudioLevel Store is explicitly made by ourselves. We do not copy, do not use assembly line manufacturing processes, or hire 3rd party vendors. Each product is one of its kind – this is why StudioLevel Store’s every product is unique. The products made in our professional workshop are new, have no physical damage and have been legally placed in the market.

  • We strive to do our best to provide you with the most detailed descriptions, pictures and every piece of information concerning our products to present reliably the nature of the products. We maintain consistency of the manufacturing processes and the conditions of an order. However, if the details from the order do not match the actual state, the customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement that has been made within 30 days after the purchase.

  • Our products are not subject to warranty. They are handmade with adequate care and appropriate aesthetics, using the best materials available. They are always carefully painted and finished, adequately strong and durable, therefore they can only be damaged by mechanical force or accidents. The right to withdraw from the agreement does not apply when the product has been mechanically damaged by external forces. Before accepting the package, the ordered products should be always checked for damage caused during transport.

  • Our products are always packed carefully. When receiving the package, please pay special attention to the condition of the tapes and seal stickers on the package. In the case of damage to the package, if the tapes or seals are damaged, do not accept the package. Write a statement in front of the deliverer about the damage and contact StudioLevel Store as soon as possible to clarify the situation.

  • Checking the package upon receipt is a necessary condition in the case of potential claims from customers with regard to damaged or stolen products during transport. In the case of unjustified claims or damage caused by the customer, any cost is covered by the customer.

  • Any disputes concerning the realization of the purchase between the Shop and the customer are settled amicably first.


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